Drop Star Earrings

Drop Star Earrings

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For the glitter lovers among you, these oversized star shaped earrings are the staple piece for any 70s lover. Kitsch, quirky and glam, they have the ability to dazzle any room with their holographic finish.

Make an impact and go oversized, these star shaped designs have the ideal Studio 54 look and are packed full of sass!

Glitter in their finish our drop star earrings can be the ultimate dress down or dress up piece to add accessorise any outfit, or why use them as a transitional piece? Resting just on your shoulders, the starry eyed beauties let you dance the night and morning away. Sparkle under any light that comes your way.


  • Shoulder length measurement for relative comfort when wearing
  • Durability - Acrylic is suitable to be exposed to a broad temperature range
  • Non-yellowing: Acrylic comes with a 10 year, limited warranty that guarantees no yellowing


Size: 10cm x 10cm, 3mm thickness


Materials:  100% Perspex Acrylic

Where it was made: Accessory laser cut within the UK and finished in-house at our Glasgow studio.

We created our star earrings as the perfect pairing for any of our collection, our top suggestion for a double star effect would be our Gold Star Midi Dress. Alternatively, go for the new take on the power suit and pair with our Bowie Suit - available as the Burgundy Bowie Suit or the Lilac Bowie Suit.

Is there a particular way to care for the product? To clean the surface of your earrings we would recommend a simple wipe clean action with a fairly neutral cleaning solution of soap and water. Please avoid using chemical based products as these can be abrasive to the surface.