How to measure yourself for a pair of flares

pink velvet flared trouser in bellbottom style

How to measure yourself for a pair of flares

Flares/ bellbottoms, whatever you call them, they're a true staple of 70s rock and roll style and one of our fav things to include in any collection.

And, the things they can do for you is unreal! Their figure hugging shape is great for cinching at the waist and hugging your ass, whilst the flared bottom shape is perfect for extending your legs.

They're play a major part in what we're known for and that's why we've extended the leg length options available for all of our flared trousers on the website - to make things easier for you guys when shopping.

This handy little guide should provide you all the hints and tips for choosing the best flares for you, making sure you have the ideal shape and fit.

So grab your measuring tape and let's get started.


Measuring your waist for our high waisted flared trousers

All of our flare options are elasticated at the waist, meaning a stretchy and comfortable fit, that's why it's important to pick your exact measurements so that our flared trousers sit snugly on your body.

You can locate your waist at the smallest area on your mid-section, typically between your bust and hips.

Place your measuring tape in line with your bellbutton and then wrap around your waist to where the tape then meets again - this will provide you with your overall waist circumference.


Getting your hip measurements down for your flared pants

Next up would be your hips, the widest part on the mid section of your body, again repeating the process .

At this point it is up to you to decide whether you want a more relaxed feel or tight fit on your tummy area.


Choosing the perfect length for your bellbottoms

And finally leg length, possibly the most important feature, that will have an affect on your flare detail.

So whether you're on the shorter side or looking for a pair of flare trousers to accommodate your tall af platforms, take your measuring tape and begin at your crotch.

Using your inner leg, follow the length of your leg and end the tape at where you would like your flare to sit.

P.S. It's better to do with your legs straight and grab a helper if you're struggling doing it yourself.


Needing some custom flared trousers?

If you're finding that after taking your measurements our standard sizing options don't meet your exact requirements, just drop us a message via email/ live chat or social and we can accommodate - one of the joys of us making all of our alternative fashion looks in-house.

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